Protect Mission

Protect Mission

Control a tank to protect a medic truck from the attack of enemies
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In this game you need to control a tank to protect a medic truck from the attack of enemies. Control the tank using the arrow keys, press the spacebar to shoot. You must shoot down the enemy tanks and the bullets of the enemies otherwise the medic truck will be destroyed.Protect Mission is a simple but challenging action game in which you must protect the medic truck from the enemies as it advances using a tank. The enemies will be red tanks which will fire bombs towards the truck trying to destroy it. If any bomb destroys you or the medic truck, the game is over. You also have to be careful not to shoot the medic truck yourself when trying to kill the enemies. Fortunately, the bombs are slow, so you can fire at them to destroy them on their way, and then you also have to destroy the tanks. As you advance in the game, more tanks will appear at the same time, making the game more and more challenging. To move the tank, you must use the arrow keys and use the space bar to shoot.
The game features cute graphics, good sound effects, and a very suitable music. You can play the game online or download it to your computer and even play it in fullscreen. What is more, the game results can be shared using several social sites or by email.
In short, Protect Mission is a simple but highly addictive flash game that will keep you playing for hours.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging
  • Good graphics and music
  • Free


  • A bit short
  • Controls are not so easy to master
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